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Supporting The Green Movement!

Trade Supplies carries one of the largest selections of Environmentally Friendly Products on the West Coast. We carry full lines of biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable products. Trade Supplies is a preferred distribution partner of all Natureworks & Ingeo products. the most environmentally friendly products on the planet. Find out how we can replace all your current products with their environmentally friendly equivalents!

Hot Cups

PLA Clamshells

Produce Shells

PLA Clear Cups


Plant Fiber Clamshells

Plant Fiber Plates 

Sugarcane Soup Containers 

PLA Portion Cups 


Kraft 100% Recyclable Napkins 

Bio Cutlery 

Bio Coffee Sleeves & More 

Natural Carry Trays & More  





Trade Supplies, Inc. supports
the green movement by providing
our eco-friendly products!

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